Jack Mizrahi| New York

Mother of the House of Mizrahi, Ballroom Icon, MC and organizer of the New York Vogue Knights, which is the most important weekly event of the international ballroom scene. He is known for his incredible chants and he has worked with Jennifer Lopez for her single "Tens". During his career he experienced the start and success of the 80s & 90s ballroom legends and even today he accompanies artists of the international ballroom scene on the microphone.

Sinia Ebony | New York

From the legendary House of Ebony and artist / supporter of the American ballroom scene for more then two decades and part of the Ballroom Hall of Fame. Famous for her ”perfect 10´s”,  Sinia has shaped many Voguing categories with her unique style and continues to inspire worldwide. Dj Vjuan Allure even dedicated a hymn called "Sexy like Sinia" just for her.

Stanley Milan | New York

New way legend and Father of the House of Milan is known for his versatile performance. In 2015 he entered the Ballroom Hall of Fame for his extraordinary performance in Hands Performance and Arm Control. He was a member of the famous dance crew "Vogue Evolution" and he has spread Voguing knowledge worldwide together with Willi Ninja and Archie Burnett on fashion & lifestyle events in the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Archie Burnett | New York

e has been and still is a great mentor to many in the European Voguing and Waacking scene. The “Godfather “of the House of Ninja as well as of the Berlin Voguing Out Festival shares this culture with a loving, open and encouraging energy and sets the tone for passionate artists to grow since the 70s! He is inter alia one of the main protagonist of the documentary “Check Your Body at the Door” by Sally Sommer.

Vjuan Allure | Washington DC

The man with the hottest beats around – as a DJ, producer and remixer he is one of the ballroom scene's top DJ's spinning at all major functions. Vjuan produces some of the most famous voguing tracks and is very knowledgeable about the musicality of the dance. He brings the ballroom energy to Berlin Voguing Out battles and its dance floor, serving uptempo beats with attitude.

The House of Melody | Germany / France

The first German Voguing House founded in 2012 by Mother Leo Melody. The thirteen-member crew, based in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Paris is distinguished by the individuality, diverse ethnic backgrounds and various mix of dance skills of each member. Next to teaching regular classes and workshops in whole Germany, House of Melody actively organizes workshops, panels, sessions and dance events with international guests at venues like Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Museumsnacht Köln, Tanzhaus NRW, Sophiehsäle and Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin. On stage the talented crew performed for Udo Lindenberg, Cakes da Killa, Zebra Katz, TT The Artist.

Homardpayette & Reds K Prod. | Lille, France

From the first event on french photographer Homardpayette has been part of the Berlin Voguing Out Festival, capturing the exciting energy oft the event! In 2013 he brought Redskprod. on board to document the event – and the results were more than ever expected! Two artists who are able to capture the art of dance in such a lively way – so please check our gallery! In order to keep our events in good memories for all participants and audience we want to continue to bring these artist to document the 2016 Berlin Voguing Out Festival.

RedsKprod.  | Lille, France
The Film Team from France has been capturing energizing moments and created several trailers since the 2013 Berlin Voguing Out Festival.

Ben Chu | Los Angeles

Ben Chu is an illustrator and designer living in Los Angeles. His interest in ballroom inspired him to create drawings and sculptures. Many of his vogue drawings are influenced from balls he has attended. In his most recent project, Ben traveled to Berlin to explore the Berlin voguing scene and discovered Berlin Voguing Out and met with members of the House of Melody. During his visit, he attended the Come Extra Fly kiki function, where he was inspired to do a series of drawings based on the ball. Ben has collaborated with Berlin Voguing Out to create postcards featuring three drawings from his Berlin ballroom series.