PERFORMANCE NIGHT BERLIN VOGUING OUT FESTIVAL 2016                                                                                                                                                  3rd November / 20H @ HAU2 Hallesches Ufer 32, 10963 Berlin

Voguing On Stage

World's first stage experimenting with Voguing as a Stage Langue. Offering extraordinary Voguing artists to showcase their creations outside the ballroom scene on a classic theater stage. After the Performance their will be a audience talk with the artist. 

Tickets via Hebbel am Ufer Admission: 13,00 € / concessions* 8,00 € 


Your President (SE)

Performance:Sofia Södergård - Sofiabulous - Qarl Qunt                             

Artistic support : Frida Modén Treichl /Ulrika Malmgren

Who’s your president? Who can do what? What costume suites you? Who’s got the power? Who decides? You decide?

Sofia Sodergard a.k.a. Sofiabulous & Qarl Qunt is one of the founders of P*fect dance company and part of the Iconic/legendary house of Ninja. She’s educated at the Balletacademy in Stockholm and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. In the musical theater scene in Sweden has Sofia been "Bobby" in Cabaret, and was part of the ensemble of American idiot

Just recently she was seen dancing at the Eurovison song contest. Together with P*fect Sofia has performed at Juste Debout in Paris, Breakin’ convention in London, Detour festival in Copenhagen, Stockholm fashion week and been the opening act for Lady Gaga etc. Sofia fights for the LGBTQ community and belives in everyones right to be who they are or want to be.

The 3 Cunts of Wisdom (FR)

Performance & Choreogrpahy by Mathyouz LaDuree, Keiona Lanvin und Diva Ivy

all aktiv member of the Paris Ballroom scene. 

 The 3 wise monkeys, also known as the three monkeys are a kind of pictorial maxim - Do not see evil, hear no evil, speak no evil... To one who follows this maxim, it would happen as well...But are you ready for the Voguing version? "The 3 Cunts of Wisdom"

Marie full of fiercenss (DE) 

Performance with Marie-Zoe and Varinia Akua                                                           

Direction: Teresa Zschernig / Musical Director and vocals: Varinia Akua / Choreography: Teresa Zschernig/ Marie-Zoe 

How does the picture of the Holy Mary rules our world? Is she holy indeed or just discriminated person. Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna, everybody wants to be like her, but you’re just a victim of your time! Holy Mary!

Singer and dancer Marie-Zoe Melody, musician Varinia Akua and actress Teresa Zschernig worked together for the first time at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus for the Shakespeare Ball, organised by House of Melody in February 2016. Since then they have worked together on Teresa Zschernig's first direction "Maria full of fierceness".