25.08.2016 Come Extra Fly : Leo´s Voguing Out B´day Bash feat. Afterparty with Mandel Turner

Berlin, it's LEO SEASON and we are ready to vogue down and celebrate the growing community in Berlin since 2012 and its pioneer Mother Leo Melody. Let´s have a Kiki - Kiki House of Dynamite, Kiki House of Angels and Kiki House of Juicy representing. Where are you?

A "kiki" is a term which grew out of the Black and Latino Gay Community loosely defined as an expression of laughter, a party including good music and good friends held for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress and possibly also gossiping and chit-chat. In the Context of Voguing a Kiki Function and the Kiki Scene is more fun and the competition level is not first priority. It gives the possibility to try new categories you never walked before or have your first experience walking a function.

Theme: LEO SEASON - its all about celebrating the zodiac sign Leo in the manifestation of it trough Leoprints.

Runway (OTA) - Leo print combined with Red
Face (OTA) - Leo print combined with White 
Old Way (OTA) - Leo print combined with Brown
New Way (OTA) - Leo print combined with Turquoise
Fem (OTA) - Leo print combined with Gold 
BQ up in Pumps - Leo print combined with Black  
Best Dressed Spectator - feel free to join in, just bring your most fabulous look - Leo print not needed, but very welcome :)
Registration participants for the kiki via registration@berlinvoguingout.com or at the door!